March means Madeira; 9 Top Tips

March is my favourite month, because it’s not only my birthday (on the 9th… hint, hint for future folks!), it’s pretty much my whole families birthday. We’re all Marchers, and man do we love a birthday!

This year, I was lucky enough to take a trip to celebrate being another year older. A bit of googling and a quick #skyscanner search revealed that Maderia was warm and cheap, but what else did Maderia have to offer? Check out my 9 top tips and find out….

9 Maderia Top Tips

1. Maderia is Grey

Not in the sense of the scenery – Maderia itself is sunny AF, gloriously green and the sea is topaz… but the majority of visitors when I visited the island were grey. It was a sea of grey. Ok, I’m absolutely not agist, I love talking to people of all ages and walks of life, but I thought we’d accidentally booked a Saga Holiday. The younger people that we spoke to said that in the summer months, younger crowds would come over from the mainland to party but March wasn’t peak season, so if you’re looking for a relaxing break, visit Maderia outside peak season 🙂

2. The night scene is wild… when you can find it!

When we arrived in the island, it was a Saturday night, and we were told that if we did want a night out, we’d have to dump our bags and go, because Saturday is the only night when the young ‘uns come out.

The old town had bars open until around 2am, then the clubs were opens till around 5am. The clubs were quite tehcno-y but we did find one playing spanish-style music too.

3. Drinks aren’t measured 😮

Like, seriously… Expect your vodka and coke to look like weak tea in colour. DISCLAIMER: you won’t be doing much the following day after these measures haha

4. You’ll walk at an angle

It’s a relaxed sleepy island –  but the hills are no joke. They’re so steep your feet will feel like they’re busting out the front of your shoes on the walk down, and you’ll you’ll need a Sherpa to make it back up.


5. Maderia Banana-Land

The island itself is beautiful and green. It’s just green everywhere. Then, you learn that the green masses are banana trees… They’re the main exporter of bananas in the world (note, all the green in the pics that you see… those are bananas… no jokes).


6. Food is killer

The food is tasty, but not the cheapest. Considering the portion sizes are massive, it’s probably good value for money, but if you’re not a big eater you may want to share!


7. Bus Tour is totally worth the money

If you don’t have crampons, walking poles, etc. then you might struggle to get to the top of the Mederia mountains (jokes). In all seriousness though, it’s mountainy, no lies, and the climb and effort to get to the top felt like too much of a workout for us, so we took the bus. The bus was actually great though – you got great facts (like the banana thing) and it was a great way to see various spots around the island


8. The Hotel Staff at The Pestana Casino Park saved my holiday!

I have a trip case with a built in secure lock aaaaaaannnddd it malfunctioned. When I got to the hotel and tried to open my case to change, the code didn’t work. After panic, upset, then frustration, I took the case to the reception and their maintenance man busted it open for me. What a hero.

9. The City is beaut

The holiday itself was a mixed bag; definitely more of a relaxing location for 30+ demographic. But with good company, great weather and beautiful scenery, it’s a great short break for some R&R.

Would I go Again?

It depends on the type of holiday you want… for me I prefer something with a bit more hustle and bustle so I probably wouldn’t go back to Maderia. However, if you’re looking for great views, lovely weather, plenty to do and aren’t a party animal, Maderia in March is 100% gonna be a winner for you!



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