New York in 12 Bullet Points!

1. New Yorkers Love their Food

Where do I even start here… I ate some of the best food of my life in New York… so much so, that I’m going to do a separate blog post of my favourite spots! For now, here is a quick and dirty top tip list for eating your way across Manhattan:

  • Katz Deli – get the Ruben – you’re welcome!
  • Nom Wah Tea Parlour – start with less, order more.
  • 230 Fifth – they do an all you can eat breakfast buffet.
  • Shake Shack – cheese bacon BBQ fries. Need I say more?

See my New York food blog post for more info!

2. New Yorkers are Friendly

I don’t know why but I was expecting people to be stroppy and busy. While they might be busy and rush to get everywhere (I believe the phrase is “New Yorkers rush to relax”), every person I spoke to on the trip was super helpful, chatty and welcoming (except one person, see point number 10). I was enamoured with not only the city, but the people there too.

3. Central Park is the bestest place ever in the Sun

So as a country gal, you’re surrounded by buildings taller than anything you’ve ever seen in your life, it’s nonstop 24 hours a day and there are more people in the state of New York than there are in your whole country (8.4 million people in New York, vs 5.2 million in Scotland), how do you recharge and regroup? Central Park. But it’s not just a park, it’s a man made sea of green in the middle of a towering city that instantly transforms it’s patrons into dog loving, sunbathing, relaxed boat sailing people. The park has weird magical qualities and in the sun, it’s just yet another mind-blowing sight to take in on this tiny island.


4. The Skyline is surreally staggering

I don’t think words are even needed here.. just look at it. It is like a photoshopped backdrop (disclaimer, the pic is unedited, and taken on my humble camera phone). Quite simply breath-taking skyline in the day, and the night… well done New York architects, well done.

5. Times Square is just a massive advertisement

I’m an advertisers dream, so easily susceptible so for me, Time Square was incredible and also dangerous. Like a magpie I was drawn in by the shiny shiny ads and googled, shopped and visited wherever the billboards told me to look.


6. Walking is the best transport…

Firstly because it’s so so busy, walking at certain points of the day is your only option. But, and maybe more importantly because walking opens you to see o much more! You’re bound to discover something new; not in a tour, book or website around every corner and you’ll see loads of different characters, like this guy totally rocking the orange suit, white fur coat comboWhatsApp Image 2017-04-10 at 00.05.31

7. ..unless you get a boss uber driver!

I was lucky enough to get a few amazing uber drivers while I was in Manhattan. They gave me some top tips, pointed out off the beaten track stuff to do and gave me a tonne of advice for my next trip to New York. NYC’s uber drivers are legends!

8. Catcalling is real 😐

I mean… it was just so blatant. This doesn’t happen at all in the UK – at least not to me! The fellas of NYC are not ashamed or embarrassed to tell a lady if they think she looks good or to very obviously check her out.

9. Even if you plan, and think you have enough time to do everything… you won’t be able to do everything

I walked an average of 5k per day, was out and about for about 12 hours a day and I did the Big Bus hop on  / hop off tour about 20 times and I STILL didn’t see everything I wanted to see. One lovely uber man said that if you want to see and do everything that NYC has to offer you need a month in the city. Which is exactly what I’m planning on doing – another top tip Uber Man!

10. The man that lives at Carrie Bradshaw’s house doesn’t care for tourists / SATC fans

Oh man, no shame here guys, I’m a huge SATC fan and I had to see where she lived… I’d planned to sit on her steps, recreated a few of my favourite scenes for banter and generally channel my inner Bradshaw. When we got to her apartment there was a chain over the steps – which is fair enough, it’s a persons house, I get that. We took a few pics and while we were standing outside (not on the steps), planned our next tourist stop. I got the fright of my life when the man that lives in her building shouted at us for loitering… I mean…we were just standing there for a minute! He must know he’s going to get tourists, right?


11. I’m lucky to have bought my own flat!

The bus tour really opened my eyes to the real estate situ in NYC and if I ever wanted to live there, I’d probably have to rob a bank, sell all my organs on some dodgy website (probably my families too), or try and talk a wealthy family into adopting me (you can be adopted at 29, right?). The apartments are expensive as shit.

12. It’s busy, expensive, too hot in the summer and too cold in winter… but I’d live there in a New York Minute

I fell in love with this place. I already have a few days back in the city as part of another trip in November and am planning on staying in NYC for 5 weeks in 2018. I cannot recommend or praise New York enough… someone wanna take me in haha?

Added Bonus Round: we flew through the Northern Lights on the way back!

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