New York Part 2: Eats Edition

Earlier this month, I took a trip to New York – the trip was so amazing, I decided to split out my posts into the tourist stuff, and the foodie stuff.

Welcome to the food edition!


Legendary diner where Harry Met Sally, where Adam Richman took on food and the place were meat gets married. Sandwiches are insane and come in one size: MASSIVE – with a truck load of pickles!

We made sure to arrive early because queues can get a bit insane. It’s canteen style seating so you’ll be sat next to an interesting character or two (my new Katz friend told me he eats at Katz every Sunday then takes a sandwich back for his wife).

100% worth a visit, delicious, filling and a real NYC experience (although, we didn’t eat for the rest of the day, so go hungry!)

Nom Wah Tea Parlour

Nom Wah have been serving up dim sum in New York’s China town since 1920. order less that you think you want. The menu is so incredible it’s hard to restrain yourself but it’s much better if you order more as you need it rather than ordering the whole menu and not being able to finish it… like I did.

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230 Fifth

Not the bestest food ever ever but it’s decent, the cocktails are great and the views are pretty spesh.


Shake Shack

This place is just the business. The chicken burger was ridic, as was the cheese burger. Delicious. The absolute star of the show though was the cheese, bacon BBQ fries. ALL OF THESE WORDS ARE DELIGHTFUL TO THE EARS!

So tasty, I didn’t have time to stop and take a pic!


Chelsea Market


Random Diner on Time Square Street Corner

So so awful…I didn’t want a pic!


Have you eaten in any of these places, is there anywhere else you would add to the list? Get in touch and let me know!


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